Monday, August 16, 2010

Processing, Forward Going

I have been on the road and away from home for awhile. Learning lots of new things and now am trying to get my head back around all the information and put it to good use. Presently, starting to work on a few new projects. The first is, "the umbrella project" for Forecast Public Art's Fundraiser.

The project entails creating an umbrella flash mob type event on the Target Plaza site.

I have been doing research in the plaza looking at the art work and moving wind sculpture of Ned Kahn and thinking about how a mass group of untrained and never before rehearsed individuals with umbrellas might create a big impact in relationship to the sculpture. Also, how sound carries in the space and what the eye would catch at twilight or as the sun is setting.. Going back tonight for another look see. Making has many different components.

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